Pick Up The Banner Of Faith

This week has been a time of reflection and pause as tomorrow is September 11, 2016.  It has been 15 years since that awful morning when our safety and security came crashing down with the twin towers in New York, the Pentagon ablaze in Washington and an empty field that suddenly had a huge smoking crater in it. Our country and the world felt an enormous sense of crazed confusion and loss.  We rallied, found a war cry and went to work to eradicate the forces of evil that perpetuated the attacks. 

Over 2000 years ago there was a different kind of battle that took place, a battle that ended with the Son of God being crucified on the cross. Even though it certainly looked like a win for Rome because Jesus had died, that battle was not a loss for us. The truth is that it became the biggest win for the world because Jesus was resurrected and lives!

Sometimes it seems we forget that there still is a battle going on.  It is a spiritual battle between good and evil, a battle that we can win with Jesus’ help. But where is our war cry? Where is our call to arms to fight back against Satan? It has grown faint and muted. Our battle is not one to claim territory, ours is to help save souls, our own included. We need to once again rally around our Risen Savior and push back against evil by praying, serving and being the face of Christ to the world.  Our cause does not require any weapons. Our cause only requires us to live out our faith completely and proclaim the Good News that is Jesus the Christ.

Our neighbors at Dam Neck cut the head off of the evil snake that brought death and destruction to our country and forever changed who we are as a nation.  We need to do the same to the evil the tries to steal our souls away from God by fighting back against it and by joining together as Christians and proclaiming our own battle cry that is the Victory in Jesus!

It’s time to pick up our banner of faith and charge!!!!!!